IIT Madras becomes the new COVID-19 hotspot

Around 100 positive cases of coronavirus have emerged at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in the last two weeks. The campus is under temporary lockdown
IIT Madras becomes the new COVID-19 hotspot

Chennai: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has become the new coronavirus hotspot of the country as 71 cases were reported on the campus in the last two weeks. Out of the 71 positive cases, 66 are students, four from the mess staff and one is from the resident quarter. The campus is now under temporary lockdown.

On Sunday, 32 fresh cases were reported from the campus. The Tamil Nadu government has instructed the institute to test all the students on the campus. The total number of cases is above 100 now.

IIT Madras issued an official notification for the closing down of all the departments with immediate effect.

The circular said that every inside the campus is advised to confine themselves in their homes and hostel rooms. The circular says that if anyone sees any of the COVID-19 symptoms, they should immediately contact the hospital authorities of IIT Madras.

The COVID-19 cases were reported from nine students hostel and the guest house. Around 774 students are currently residing on the campus. 408 samples have been taken for COVID-19 test. The highest number of cases were reported from Krishna hostel with 22 cases, followed by Jamuna hostel with 20 cases.

The cause of the outbreak inside the campus is being identified by the authorities. The management of IIT madras has been cooperating and following all the standard operating procedures.

However, the management of IIT Madras has said that the institution has been operating with only 10 per cent of students in the hostels. They have permitted the research scholars who need to do laboratory work. They have kept a 14-day quarantine and testing period for each of the returnees.

However, the hostellers claimed that the day scholars have outnumbered the hostel students. So many people move in and out daily, so no one knows who is spreading the virus.

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