India's Biggest Railway Stations As Of 2023

We will delve into great detail about a few of the biggest railway stations in India in this informative article.
India's Biggest Railway Stations As Of 2023

India's railway network, spanning 1.2 lakh kilometers, ranks fourth globally. Express trains, mail express trains, and passenger trains are the three main services that Indian Railways provide to the general public.

When it comes to prices, Mail Express trains charge the highest tickets, while Passenger trains have the lowest. However, the cost of an express train ticket is in the middle. We'll go into great detail about a few of the largest train stations in India in this piece.

History of Indian Railways

In 1832, the idea of constructing a railway network in British India was initially proposed. Even though Britain had just begun to experience rail travel, the East India Company understood the benefits of building a major rail network. After a long ten years of delay, India's Governor-General, Lord Hardinge, eventually allowed private entrepreneurs to construct a rail system in 1844. The "Great Indian Peninsula Railway" and the "East Indian Railway Company" were founded by 1845.

On April 16, 1853, as scheduled, the first train in India left Bori Bunder in Bombay (now Mumbai) and traveled the approximate 34 kilometers to Thane. In 2023, the Indian railways have seen significant development. Better amenities and new features have been added to the new trains.

Biggest railway stations in India

We are presently unable to name a single, massive train station that surpasses all others in size. We have four noteworthy railroad stations that are deserving of special attention based on various factors:

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

The largest train station in India is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. The station was designed by Frederick William Stevens in the Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival style, with the goal of creating a contemporary counterpart to India's classically influenced architecture.

The station was constructed between 1878 and 1887, the latter year commemorating the half-centennial of Queen Victoria's reign. It is situated south of the original Bori Bunder railway station. In March 1996, it was renamed "Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus" (station code CST) in honor of Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founder and namesake of the Maratha Empire.

Howrah Junction railway station

Howrah Junction Railway Complex is one of the largest railway stations in India. There are 23 platforms for it. The greater Kolkata area, which comprises Kolkata and its twin city, Howrah, is served by five major railway terminals.

Every day, almost a million people use the station, and 600 passenger trains make use of its 23 platforms. Howrah Railway Station has direct connections to 1373 stations in India. As a result, Howrah Junction ranks among the busiest train stops in terms of overall passenger traffic.

SSS Hubballi Junction railway station

The station at SSS Hubballi Junction is the longest in terms of platforms. As of March 2021, Platform No. 1 at this station is the longest railway platform in the world, measuring 1,505 meters. After Bengaluru City station, Hubballi Junction station is the second busiest in Karnataka.

The station has a diesel locomotive shed that houses the WAG-9HC goods locomotive and the passenger locomotives WDP-4, WDP-4B, and WDP-4D. It also has its own railway division.

Mathura Junction

Mathura Junction is by far the largest station when counting the overall number of new train lines. Seven other railway routes start at Mathura Junction. Trains from Delhi branch off at this juncture, taking distinct routes to Mumbai and south Indian destinations like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Unfortunately, the station's lack of cleanliness has damaged its reputation. In their 2018 report, the Quality Council of India (QCI) ranked this station as the dirtiest among 75 large stations. The Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) completely renovated Mathura Junction in March 2019 in response to intense criticism, giving the station a modern look. This has amazed numeorus pilgrimages and visitors to Mathura with new entry and exit gates, facilities for train passengers, and the provision of new benches on the platforms.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q1. Which station has highest platform in India ?

Answer- Howrah Junction Railway Station has the highest number of platforms in India. It has 23 platforms and 26 tracks.

Q2. Which is the busiest station in India ?

Answer- Howrah Railway Station (also known as Howrah Junction, or informally Howrah Station) is the largest and busiest railway complex in India as well as one of the busiest and largest train stations in the world.

Q3. Which is the smallest station in India ?

Answer - Banspani Railway Station (BSPX) serves Joda Municipality Town, Odisha and it is the smallest railway station of India with only 1 platform measuring 200 meters.

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