New Delhi: DoNER Minister Sukanta Mazumdar Outlines Vision for Northeastern Development

Mazumdar emphasizes collaboration, strategic planning, and addressing regional issues under the Modi government's leadership.
Sukanta Mazumdar

NEW DELHI: Sukanta Mazumdar, appointed Minister of State for Development of Northeastern Region (DoNER), shared his vision for the region shortly after taking office on Tuesday. Mazumdar highlighted substantial progress made in overall development since current government's tenure began. He expressed strong commitment to continued advancement.

In his initial address, Mazumdar underscored importance of collaborative efforts with senior ministers to devise a strategic plan for next 100 days. This approach aims to ensure sustained progress. It also ensures effective implementation of development initiatives across northeastern states. Mazumdar's remarks reflect government's dedication to maintaining a proactive stance. And they indicate a strategic stance towards regional development.

Mazumdar highlighted strategic significance of North Bengal, he referred to it as "gateway to Northeast." He emphasized its critical role. This role connects northeastern region with rest of India. Thus it facilitates economic and infrastructural growth. This acknowledgment underscores government's recognition of North Bengal's pivotal position. It stresses regional connectivity and development.

Addressing ongoing concerns in Manipur, Mazumdar assured that government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. It is well-prepared to handle issues effectively. He emphasized a proactive approach. And a determined approach to tackle challenges faced by region. Mazumdar's assurance reflects government's resolve. It aims to address and mitigate regional issues comprehensively.

Mazumdar's vision for Northeastern Region aligns with broader goals of Modi government. The focus is on enhancing infrastructure. Also on boosting economic growth. And improving quality of life for residents of northeastern states. His emphasis on strategic planning collaboration. And addressing critical regional concerns sets a positive tone for his tenure in DoNER ministry.

Sukanta Mazumdar's initial statements as new Minister of State for DoNER signal strong commitment to continued development of Northeastern Region. By focusing on strategic planning and collaboration. Addressing significant regional issues such as those in Manipur Mazumdar aims drive forward development agenda set by Modi government. His proactive stance and vision for region are expected guide future initiatives and contribute to sustained progress of northeastern states under his leadership.


Sukanta Mazumdar
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