New Delhi: DoT Issues Advisory Against Fake Calls Threatening Disconnection and Cyber Fraud

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a crucial advisory urging citizens to remain vigilant against fraudulent calls threatening disconnection of mobile numbers and impersonating government officials.
New Delhi: DoT Issues Advisory Against Fake Calls Threatening Disconnection and Cyber Fraud

NEW DELHI: In bid to counter the rising threat of cyber fraud and deceptive telecommunications practices the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued stern advisory cautioning citizens against fake calls purporting to originate from government authorities.

The advisory, issued by the DoT highlights the prevalence of fraudulent calls. Individuals receive threats of mobile number disconnection. They also encounter attempts to solicit personal information under the guise of official communication.

Such tactics, employed by cyber criminals aim to manipulate unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive data. They may also lead to participation in illicit activities. Crucially, the DoT emphasizes that it does not engage in making threatening calls to citizens regarding the disconnection of their mobile numbers. This assertion underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious when encountering suspicious communications.

Furthermore, the advisory draws attention to another prevalent scam involving WhatsApp calls originating from foreign mobile numbers (like +92-xxxxxxxxxx). These often impersonate government officials. These fraudulent calls characterized by their deceptive nature, are designed to deceive individuals. They seek to extract personal information or cause financial harm.

To combat such fraudulent activities DoT has rolled out proactive measures aimed at curbing cybercrime and safeguarding citizens' interests. Notably, the 'Chakshu – Report Suspected Fraud Communications' facility is available on Sanchar Saathi portal. It serves as a crucial avenue for reporting fraudulent communications. By encouraging citizens to report such incidents promptly, DoT aims to prevent the misuse of telecom resources for criminal activities.

In addition to reporting suspected fraud communications individuals are urged to reach out to the cyber-crime helpline number 1930. Alternatively, visit if they have already fallen victim to cybercrime or financial fraud. These avenues provide vital support and resources for individuals navigating the aftermath of fraudulent schemes.

The DoT's proactive stance against cyber fraud is further evidenced by the implementation of various measures targeting malicious actors. Entities involved in sending malicious SMSs have been blacklisted. Harmful SMS templates have been promptly deactivated. Additionally significant number of suspected mobile numbers have been flagged for re-verification.

Through regular advisories, disseminated via press SMS and social media the DoT aims to raise awareness among the public. These advisories focus on fake notices impersonating DoT/TRAI, suspected fraud communications and malicious calls.


New Delhi: DoT Issues Advisory Against Fake Calls Threatening Disconnection and Cyber Fraud
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