New Delhi: First Citizenship Certificates to 14 Individuals Issued under CAA

Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla handed over citizenship certificates to 14 individuals.
New Delhi: First Citizenship Certificates to 14 Individuals Issued under CAA

NEW DELHI: In a significant development under Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) first set of citizenship certificates has been issued to 14 individuals. This symbolizes crucial milestone in process of granting Indian nationality to persecuted non-Muslim migrants. They come from neighboring countries. Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla personally handed over these certificates to recipients. This followed successful processing of their applications through dedicated online portal.

Enacted in December 2019 the CAA aims to extend Indian citizenship to persecuted minorities. Hindus Sikhs Jains Buddhists Parsis and Christians flee religious persecution in Pakistan Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This humanitarian initiative intends to offer sanctuary. It is to those who arrived in India on or before December 31 2014.

Despite noble intentions CAA faced vehement criticism from various quarters. Particularly opposition. Critics labeled it as discriminatory. Politically motivated. Critics argue that legislation undermines secular fabric of nation. And excludes persecuted Muslim minorities from ambit. Timing of enactment coinciding with electoral considerations has further fueled controversy. Surrounding its implementation.

However central government has consistently defended CAA. Asserting it does not obstruct persecuted Muslims from seeking Indian citizenship through existing legal channels. According to government officials legislation is designed to address specific plight. Of non-Muslim minority communities facing persecution in aforementioned countries.

Rollout of CAA has triggered protests. In several parts of country. Dissenters expressing concerns over potential implications on citizenship and identity. Some fear law could be exploited. To target certain communities. Rendering them stateless or vulnerable to deportation.

Amidst polarized debate surrounding CAA. Issuance of first citizenship certificates marks crucial juncture in India's immigration policy. It reflects government's commitment to providing refuge to persecuted minorities. It reignites discussions on intersection of humanitarianism identity. And national sovereignty

Nation grapples with complexities of migration citizenship. Communal harmony remains a challenge. CAA continues to be subject of intense scrutiny. Inclusive policies are needed and must uphold principles of equality.


New Delhi: First Citizenship Certificates to 14 Individuals Issued under CAA
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