New Delhi: Indian Navy Thwarts Second Hijacking Attempt in Arabian Sea within 24 Hours

INS Sumitra Rescues 17 Hostages From Iranian Fishing Vessel Iman, Continuing Anti-Piracy Operations
New Delhi:  Indian Navy Thwarts Second Hijacking Attempt in Arabian Sea within 24 Hours

NEW DELHI: In a swift and decisive move, the Indian Navy successfully foiled yet another hijacking attempt in the Arabian Sea, rescuing 17 individuals who were held hostage on board an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel named Iman. This marks the second intervention within a 24-hour period, showcasing the Navy's unwavering commitment to maritime security.

The distress call about the seizure reached the naval warship INS Sumitra, which is currently deployed on anti-piracy operations off the east coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden.

INS Sumitra intercepted the slain pirate, and arrived standards that were in place to ensure the safety of sailors and release of sailors. Surgical procedures were quickly implemented "All 17 crew members including the boat have been rescued," the Indian Navy confirmed in a statement. After the work was done properly, the fishing boat was thoroughly cleaned before being allowed to go on again.

Over the past eight weeks, the Indian Navy has remained active in the region, with around 12 warships patrolling the economically important maritime trade routes. The Navy’s active measures are aimed at defending against piracy and possible attacks by Houthi rebels operating out of Yemen. Equipped with helicopters and connected via satellite to Navy bases, each warship is prepared to attack or intercept. In addition, crews are in convenient locations on the ship, allowing them to respond to security threats more quickly.

The Navy's comprehensive maritime patrol program includes patrol aircraft, including Boeing P8I and Predator drones, to ensure frequent aerial surveillance of these aircraft to search the area, flagging any vessels that might arouse suspicion and enable timely intervention to maintain local security in the area. This and the recent successful rescue operation underlines the Indian Navy’s commitment to maintaining stability and security in the vital maritime trade routes of the Arabian Sea.

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