New Delhi: India's Mango Lassi Crowned 'Best Dairy Beverage in the World' for 2023-24

Punjab's Lassi Dominates TasteAtlas' Top 16 Dairy Beverages List
New Delhi: India's Mango Lassi Crowned 'Best Dairy Beverage in the World' for 2023-24

NEW DELHI: In a culinary triumph, the iconic Indian mango lassi has won the prestigious title of ‘World’s Best Dairy Drink’ in 2023-24, according to the prestigious TasteAtlas Awards. The renowned food and travel guide not only captured the immense appeal of mango lassi but also highlighted the global dominance of Punjab lassi varieties, with many indulging in the milk drink 16 a the most important of these.

A north Indian specialty, mango lassi, popular during the hot summer months, emerged as the undisputed winner. Mixed with curd, fresh mango, cardamom, water and sugar, it was notably creamy and refreshingly frothy. The addition of soaked saffron fibers elevates it to the best saffron mango lassi. Served properly cold, it promises a sensory experience that will satisfy your taste buds.

As news of Mango Lassi’s success spread online, social media exploded in congratulations. Users from different backgrounds expressed their love for this delicious drink, one said "lassie supremacy", another said "the best of the best" Variety of flavors admiring the mango selection became an inspired story, earning the coveted spot of the Alfonso mango as the preferred choice.

The TasteAtlas comments section has become a global testament to the universal appeal of Mango Lassi. Non-Indian connoisseurs gushed about their love for the drink, with one even admitting that he often requests it from his Indian friends. Beyond its refreshing taste, the versatility of lassi was demonstrated by a Brazilian teacher who incorporated various flavors like banana lassi and strawberry lassi into her class while teaching about India.

Punjab lassi also featured prominently in the top 16, with the standard Punjabi lassi ranking 4th and the delicious lassi ranking 5th. There are many varieties, such as Salted lassi, Bhang lassi, and Mint lassi re-established Punjab lassi as a global favourite, winning three top milk drinks worldwide Not only does it celebrate the culinary excellence of India, it highlights the global appreciation of Punjab lassi on the creation. Let us enjoy the undisputed rule of Mango Lassi and the rich tapestry of Punjab's Lassi heritage.

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