New Delhi: Modi Distributes Over 1 Lakh Appointment Letters, Boosts Youth Employment

Among the recipients, 48 were included from Meghalaya
New Delhi: Modi Distributes Over 1 Lakh Appointment Letters, Boosts Youth Employment

NEW DELHI: PM Modi today facilitated distribution of more than one lakh nomination papers to new nominees through video conferencing that included 48 people from Meghalaya. The event also witnessed the laying of the foundation stone for the first phase of "Karmayogi Bhavan", an integrated body situated New Delhi, aimed at facilitating collaboration and coordination between the various components of the mission.

PM also stressed the government’s commitment to ensure transparency in the electoral process, reduce bureaucratic delays and eliminate bribery. Further it was highlighted the combined efforts of the government to provide equal opportunities to the youth has rightly build confidence in profitable and skill-based employment of individuals.

Government led by PM Modi lauded the precedented growth in productivity over the last 10 years that results to a total of more than 1.5 times higher than the previous records. Further he pinpointed the active projects such as rooftop solar systems that aims at creating downtime while encouraging the use of renewable energy.

In the event Prime Minister also lauded India’s growing startup ecosystem, especially in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India. Government announced for a continuous support with the help of funding and tax breaks that helps in research and innovation.

Meanwhile, PM also mentioned about the ongoing recruitment in the railway industry through Rojgar Melas. It rightly shows the government’s commitment to modernize and streamline railway infrastructure to enhance the passenger experience. Highlighting the widespread impact of connectivity PM emphasized the role of investment in infrastructure in improving economic growth and productivity, with capital allocations to cross-sectoral sectors about in various sectors in the recent budget emphasis.

Additionally several reforms in the selection of paramilitaries, ensuring equal opportunities for candidates of different language backgrounds were discussed. The event was concluded by the news of timely appointment bureaucrats to use resources like the Karma Yogi Bharat portal to acquire skills and build capacity dedicated to nation building. The program is a milestone in the government’s efforts to empower youth and strengthen employment opportunities in various sectors in line with the broader vision of Vikshit India.

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