New Delhi: PM Modi Engages with Lakhs of Young Voters Nationwide on National Voters Day

Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Organizes Historic Virtual Interaction; BJYM President Tejasvi Surya Highlights Young Voters' Crucial Role
New Delhi: PM Modi Engages with Lakhs of Young Voters Nationwide on National Voters Day

NEW DELHI: In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to interact with a large number of young voters in the state on National Voters Day. The virtual communication campaign, organized by the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) , the youth wing of the ruling BJP, is a historic effort, and marks the first time that the Prime Minister has interacted extensively with young voters such.

BJYM president Tejasvi Surya highlighted the importance of the event, stressing the important role played by young voters in electing Narendra Modi as prime minister in 2014 and 2019. According to Mr. Surya, the enthusiasm of young voters results have to elect Modi for a third term is palpable, citing unmatched opportunities offered to them by the BJP-led NDA government.

The virtual interaction is expected to bring together lakhs of young voters from nearly 5,000 locations across the country. Surya asserted that such an extensive engagement reflects the government's commitment to encouraging youth participation in elections, thereby strengthening the democratic roots of the nation.

Surya highlighted the current state of the economy, stating that the unemployment rate is at an all-time low. He attributed this success to the rapid pace of economic growth and substantial investments in infrastructure, directly and indirectly benefiting the youth. Surya's remarks aimed to underscore the positive impact of the government's policies on the younger demographic.

The BJYM president pointed out that more than seven lakh people voted in the age group of 18-25, stressing the government’s efforts to help them through various programs and programmes. The initiatives include setting up of new IIMs, IITs, medical colleges and providing educational and employment opportunities to the youth.

As the country commemorates National Voters Day, the network serves as a unique platform for young voters to engage directly with the President. This initiative not only recognizes their role in politics but also aims to further strengthen the democratic character of the country. With its focus on empowerment and inclusion, the program reflects the government’s commitment to making young people active citizens.

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