Vellore: Assam Bhawan Inaugurated in Vellore to Aid Students and Patients

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma unveils the Rs. 23 crore Assam Bhawan in Vellore, offering support to Assamese students and patients.
Vellore: Assam Bhawan Inaugurated in Vellore to Aid Students and Patients

VELLORE: In a significant development aimed at providing vital support to students and patients hailing from Assam visiting Vellore, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma led a ceremonial inauguration of the newly constructed Assam Bhawan in Tamil Nadu's Vellore. This grand event took place on a Tuesday afternoon and marked a noteworthy milestone for the people of Assam, especially those undergoing medical treatment or pursuing higher education in the city.

The Assam Bhawan, a sprawling eight-floor edifice, stands as a testament to modern architecture and state-of-the-art facilities. With a generous built-up area spanning 4,340 square meters, it is poised to become a symbol of hope and respite for the Assamese community in Vellore.

During his address to the gathered audience at the inauguration ceremony, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma emphasized the pivotal role the Assam Bhawan would play in supporting patients from Assam during their time in Vellore. He articulated, "This Assam Bhawan will provide invaluable assistance to the ailing patients from Assam. Accommodating patients and their attendants in Vellore has posed significant challenges in the past. Recognizing this, our government has made this strategic decision to construct a new Assam Bhawan in Vellore. Today’s inauguration marks the successful realization of this endeavor."

Moreover, the Chief Minister highlighted the multifaceted purpose of the Assam Bhawan, stating, "In addition to serving patients, this Bhawan will also prove to be a valuable resource for students pursuing higher education at the Vellore Institute of Technology."

Chief Minister Sarma also provided insights into the Assam Bhawan's construction process, revealing that it was executed in four distinct phases with a total approved budget of approximately Rs. 23 crores. The Bhawan encompasses a ground floor, a service floor, and an additional six stories, resulting in its impressive total construction area. He further reassured the attendees by announcing the recruitment of staff to ensure the Bhawan's immediate functionality after the inauguration ceremony.

Chief Minister Sarma unveiled plans for the construction of three more Greenfield Assam Bhawans in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Pune. This expansion initiative signifies the government's commitment to providing essential facilities and support to the Assamese community across various regions.

Accompanying Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma during his visit to Vellore were state cabinet ministers Ashok Singhal and Ranjeet Dass, underlining the collective commitment of the Assam government to cater to the welfare and well-being of its citizens, both within and outside the state.

The inauguration of the Assam Bhawan in Vellore stands as a pivotal moment in providing crucial assistance to Assamese students and patients in the city. This state-of-the-art facility, constructed at a cost of Rs. 23 crores, reflects the government's dedication to addressing the needs of its people and ensuring their well-being. As plans for additional Assam Bhawans take shape in other cities, it is clear that the government's commitment to serving its citizens knows no bounds.


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