Hyderabad: Google Chooses Hyderabad for Largest Campus Outside United States

Tech Giant Invests in to construct its largest campus outside the United States in Hyderabad
Hyderabad: Google Chooses Hyderabad for Largest Campus Outside United States

HYDERABAD: Ushering a new era of India’s tech landscape, Global powerhouse Google LLC recently has announced plans to build its largest United States based university. This precedented move underscores the city’s growing reputation as a hub for multinationals. It is also seeking to tap into India’s abundant talent and robust infrastructure.

As the construction commenced since last year, Google's ambitious project which is projected to span 3 million square feet at Hyderabad's Gachbowli area and is slated to complete in the first quarter of the year 2026 redefining in India as the company's footprint. The city of Hyderabad emerging as Google’s preferred destination over Bangalore for this ambitious effort highlights the city’s modern infrastructure and conducive environment for innovation 7.3 acres of land acquired in Gachbouli in 2019 laid the groundwork for Google’s expansion in the heart of India’s industrial landscape.

The specifics of the Hyderabad campus are not yet disclosed presently but as the industry experts reveals that it as a growing state-of-the-art facility that prioritizes collaboration and well being of the employees. The primary focus is on creating a dynamic business environment, Google is aiming to leverage Hyderabad's pool of extremely skilled tech professionals in order to advance its ambitious efforts in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Quantum Computing.

It is also to be mentioned that Hyderabad's appeal to MNCs extends beyond Google, with other technological giants like Amazon setting up their huge campuses in the city This trend make Hyderabad's position as a global investment magnet, with its reputation as an IT hub and professionals are motivated by the workforce.

With Google all set to unveil its sprawling campus in Hyderabad, the city’s technogical infrastructure and is poised to witness an era of growth and and innovation. With a proper mix and match of products as well as a skilled workforce, Hyderabad continues to cement its position as the cornerstone of India’s industrial revolution. Hence Google’s decision to invest in Hyderabad highlights the city’s rise as a global tech hub that promises to reshape India’s tech scene in upcoming years .

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