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IG Influencer Colors her Skin to a Darker Tone to Act Poor

In a country where the stigma of skin colour is still prevalent in many parts, a social media influencer gets rebuked for her actions.

IG Influencer Colors her Skin to a Darker Tone to Act Poor

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GUWAHATI: An Indian user on Instagram made herself look darker than she actually is and created a series of videos wherein she acted as a poor girl selling flowers on the road. Her use of a darker skin tone to equate with poverty has irked many and drawn severe criticism from many circles, especially the netizens of the country.

Influencers across the world are known to undertake a variety of good and bad actions in order to reach different goals. Some of the goals are to increase followers, while others are to promote particular products. Over time many have received severe criticism for these actions, while many others have been praised as well.

The influencer going by the handle 'ansha_mohan' on the popular photo and video sharing platform painted her skin a few shades darker for a series of photos and videos. The exact reason for her actions is not known yet, but netizens are blaming her for equating dark skin to financial poverty. And here action to fake poverty is receiving severe backlash from netizens. According to a report, she even shared a video about how she did her makeup to look like that just to gain likes and comments on her profile on social media.

"So this person on Instagram darkens her colour and pretends to be poor.. for what?? This is insane??" wrote a Twitter user, Rutuja, while tweeting two images. The first image shows the influencer's darkened face and body skin tone and pretends to be a poor woman selling roses on the streets, while the second shows her natural skin tone.

But her posts received a few supporters as well. Supporters claimed that she had done the same to attract more attention to the Indian mentality towards different skin tones. Some even mentioned that she was trying to prove that even dark is beautiful through her recent actions.

The posts went live on October 20 and have received thousands of likes and several reactions. It was also downloaded and shared over other social media platforms. Many even pointed out how it is to associate dark skin with poverty.

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