PM Modi's Fan from Srinagar to Complete 815-km Walk Only to Meet Him

Touched by PM Modi's gesture, Shah has started his 815-km journey on foot hoping to attract Prime Minister's attention.
PM Modi's Fan from Srinagar to Complete 815-km Walk Only to Meet Him

Delhi: PM Modi's fan from Srinagar, Fahim Nazir Shah, has started his journey of 815 kilometers on foot and is en route to Delhi. Shah hopes that this feat will capture Modi's attention and Shah can achieve his goal of meeting the Prime Minister.

Shah, a 28-year old, resides in the Shalimar area in Srinagar and is a part-time electrician. After covering a distance of over 200 kilometers, Shah arrived in Udhampur on Sunday.

Shah has been an ardent follower of PM Modi on different social media sites for the last four years and claims to have been touched by PM Modi's words and actions.

Shah said it has always been his dream to meet the Prime Minister. He further added that his past efforts to meet PM Modi had always been in vain.

Shah shared that PM Modi had touched his heart at one particular rally, where the Prime Minister had paused his speech midway as the 'azaan' was being played, leaving the audience shocked. This gesture by the Prime Minister had won the hearts of many.

"During the PM's last visit to Kashmir, the security personnel did not allow me to meet him," Shah said. He added that in the previous two and half years, he had tried meeting the Prime Minister but all his attempts to meet PM Modi were unsuccessful.

He also highlighted PM Modi's role in abrogating the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and said that he believed the change is a positive one. "There is a change in the situation, the development activities are taking place at a good pace and the Union Territory is marching forward," Shah said. On meeting the Prime Minister, Shah said that plans to talk about the issue of the unemployment of educated youth and the development of industrial sectors in Jammu and Kashmir.

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