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Rhino Drowned in Kaziranga National Park Due To Flood

21 Anti-poaching camps are underwater out of total 223 camps in Kaziranga National Park due to flood.

Rhino Drowned in Kaziranga National Park Due To Flood

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GUWAHATI: Kaziranga National Park on Monday has recorded two deaths of rhinos amidst the flood situation though the water is started decreasing.

According to reports among these two rhinos, one died of natural reasons and the other one drowned in flood waters.

A forest official said that so far reports of 24 wild animal death they have received including those killed in road accidents while fleeing the flood waters.

At least 30 percent of the park area continued to remain underwater.

The forest official said that 21 Anti-poaching camps are underwater out of total 223 camps. The water level at Nimatighat was still recorded flowing above danger level.

Out of 24 animals, six animals including a rhino, three hog deer, one wild buffalo, and one swamp deer drowned in flood waters in the park. Apart from it, 11 animals including nine hog deer, one python and one cap langur died when vehicle had hit them after they were crossing National Highway 37.

At least four animals, including a rhino and three hog deer, died due to natural causes while four others including a rhino cub was rescued so far.

Earlier on August 30, the chief minister of Assam has appealed to truck / other vehicles to avoid NH 715 for commuting between lower & upper Assam and asked them to use NH 15 through North Bank instead.

Earlier on September 3, as per reports provided by a Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve flood reporter, 69 camps out of the 223 camps in the eastern Assam wildlife division range have been severely hit by the flood.

According to sources, 14 animals have been found dead, as of September 3, while 4 are being rescued by the KNP officials. The 14 dead animals include 10 hog deer, one python, one cap langure, two swamp deer. 8 out the 10 hog deer have been been hit by speeding vehicles while the other two, along with the swamp deer, have died due to other reasons. The python and the cap langure have both died after being hit by vehicles. One remaining swamp deer had died due to drowning.

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