Guwahati: Police Intercept Two Trucks, Rescue 60 Cattle at Jorabat Checkpoint

Four Persons Detained in Connection with Illegal Transportation of Cattle
Guwahati: Police Intercept Two Trucks, Rescue 60 Cattle at Jorabat Checkpoint

GUWAHATI: In a major operation the law enforcement agencies in the state intercepted two trucks illegally transporting cattle at a key checkpoint on the Assam-Meghalaya border at Jorabat. Effective cattle control rescued 60 cattle, preventing them from being sold illegally. The investigative operation started with reliable intelligence that three to four vehicles loaded with cattle were moving from Nagaon to Byrnihat in Meghalaya.

Reacting swiftly to these incidents, the police set up a checkpoint early in the morning, resulting in the interception of two trucks with registration numbers AS 02 DC 1861 and AS 01 QC 2861 respectively. Finally officials found that each truck was loaded with 30 cattle, and the total number of animals seized was 60. Law enforcement detained four people in connection with the two-vehicle crash, including the drivers of the two vehicles and their assistants. Swafiqul Islam (32) Ishaq Ali (18) (18) of Magurmari village of Rupahihat police station in Bagigan village of Samaguri police station in Nagaon district, Khirzul Islam (25) of Panbari village of Golaghat and Rabizul Islam of Bagigan village under Samaguri police station in Nagaon district.

Confirming the seriousness of the illegal animal smuggling, the authorities initiated further proceedings against all the accused persons. Such actions are aimed at preventing illegal activities that not only violate animal welfare laws but also pose a threat to public safety and security. The positive interception and seizure mission reveals the vigilance and commitment of law enforcement agencies in combating various illegal activities and upholding the rule of law. Further the rescued animals would be safely rehabilitated to their place of origin. The miscreants who are responsible in illegal trade would face legal consequences for their actions. The efforts to stop these illegal trades and to ensure proper animal protection to be continued asa priority for officials as they seek to maintain the integrity of the borders and protect against criminal activities.

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