How can we tackle the mece of drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a modern day curse. With drugs being available at all nooks and corners, there is every reason for parents to be worried and concerned for their kids. The youngsters are more at risk to such addictions and the vulnerability increases even more with the amplification in availability of the poison. To tackle the mece of drug addiction, multi-pronged strategy has to be designed and implemented effectively with continuous and comprehensive evaluation and monitoring through competent, capable tested mechanism. The measures that can be adopted to curb the hazard of drug addiction are 1. Seal of intertiol boundary with Bangladesh; 2. Strict vigil by Border police force, Customs and rcotics department officials posted at the check points located along intertiol boundary with Myanmar, Chi, Bhutan and Nepal; 3.Strict enforcement of existing law against suppliers and users of banned drugs; 4. Complete ban on sale of cigarettes, gutka, alcohol near educatiol institutes; 5. Massive awareness campaigning on the poisonous effects of drugs uasge has to be organised and more regularly in susceptible localities where there is maximum likelihood and history of gathering of users and suppliers; 6. Opening state-sponsored drug de-addiction centres; 7. A one-hour talk every week on harmful effects of drug use should be made compulsory in schools and colleges so that the students do not develop any inclition to it even when they are in their lows; 8. Parents should be more vigilant about their kids and their activities; 9. Every citizen should behave as a guardian and therefore should report to the authority whenever they find anyone selling or using drugs.

Priyanka Borthakur,
Ambikagiri gar

Minister, the yak

It reminds us of ‘Mr Chief Minister’ Anil Kapoor, with Paresh Rawal, the typewriter and his instant orders in the blockbuster  ‘yak’.  Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has suspended instantly  one of the college principals at a recent principals’ conference held in Guwahati. Nothing to defend the principal suspended. Any administrative action is the right of the controllers i.e. the minister or even the concerned bureaucrat.  But the way he was suspended and the post of Principal ridiculed is deplorable. The person, the principal, was not heard out properly, the simple procedure was not maintained, and above all, a conversation in a public forum led to such drastic action like instant suspension.

It is only an eye-catching gimmick and is being used as a tool to tame the most dignified community of teachers.  Such behavior by some legislators, especially of Himanta Biswa Sarma is quite expected. During the Congress regime, lots of such misbehavior, including the slapping of a medical working staff at a certain hospital, has not yet been forgotten by the people of Assam. But such behaviors,  not to speak of Himanta Biswa Sarma’s, but of any individual minister is not acceptable. The sanctity of the office, the honor to the system, the right to be heard and above all such autocratic behavior like a despot is simply not a quality of decent society.

 It is again most surprising that  neither ACTA nor the Principals’ Association have registered any protest yet. If protest is not raised in time, the same may be the  fate of anybody else, even   at a small pretext.

Sibopriyo Dutta,
Chilaray gar, Bhangagarh,
Guwahati 5.