On blockades

Of late, very often we come across the term ‘blockade’. This is a term that gives rise to a fear psychosis among all sections of people, as their lives are thrown out of gear. Sometimes there is a road blockade, while on another occasion, there is a rail blockade. Aggrieved people resorting to blockades are under the impression that blockades, be it of road or rail, is the only solution, the only pacea to their grievances. No specific time-frame is required for ventilating grievances of a group of people that find manifestation in the form of blockades. In localities affected by such blockades, patients in serious state may die on way to hospital or nursing home, there may be food or fuel crisis, students are uble to appear in examitions, candidates fail to attend interviews for jobs, while people in general cannot attend any ceremony, rituals of death or marriage of their near and dear ones. This happened in the last year during the Jat agitation for OBC reservation when they took to blockade of all trains to and from Harya. As a result of this blockade, the Indian Railways had to lose revenues worth several hundred crores, besides disruption of lives of the people in Harya and Delhi. Through your esteemed daily, we appeal the powers-be to frame appropriate laws to address this problem confronting innocent people for no fault of their own.

Ashok Bordoloi,