An altertive career

There was a time when Medical or Engineering as a career seemed to be the only option. The parents also pushed their wards to choose between these two fields. If anyone studied Arts it was thought that the student was not intelligent. Then there came a time when studying Commerce was thoght to be beneficial as one could persue MBA. In the present time, there have been so many doctors, engineers and MBAs that people are clueless about career options. There are also many youngsters who are persuing Creative Arts like singing, dancing, painting, Disc-jockeying, Radio-jockeying, etc. But their parents belong to the middle class which does not allow them to take up such professions. I would like to request all those parents, who are against the wishes of their children, to allow them to persue the career of their choice.

Mohua Chakraborty,

Resurfacing of syndicate

At the fall of the Congress government in Assam when the BJP-led alliance took the reins of administration at Dispur, people from every walk of life heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that words like corruption, Syndicate would disappear once for all.  But with the passage of time, it seems that the euphoria maintained by the people is only short lived.  One must concede, the level of corruption has come down, but eradication of this social malady is a chimera, as ‘Old habits seldom die’. The bureaucrats in D.C’s Office indirectly accept bribe by keeping the files on hold. Once their palms are greased, one can serve one’s purpose. Syndicate that remained in dormant state has started showing its ugly face yet again. It is shocking that those youths, appointed by a cabinet minister, took full advantage of the situation and started strengthening the syndicate. There are also reports of syndicate of coals. Another disturbing report is the threatening of the RTI workers – in Karbi Anglong, when the RTI workers tried to unveil the scams taking place there. The RTI workers were threatened by none other than the BJP activists.

Ashok Bordoloi,