A’chik Matgrik reminds Government on agreement

A Correspondent
Shillong, May 20: The A’chik Matgrik, a society for welfare of former ANVC (B) militants has written to the state government to remind it on the implementation of the “Agreed Text for Settlement” signed between the government and the outfit in 2014.

According to the chairman of A’chik Matgrik, Bernard N Marak, the decisions made in the Centre Level Monitoring Committee has not been followed up by the State Government.

According to the former ANVC (B) chief, there is frustration among the former cadres and the delay and negligence by the State Government is giving ample opportunity for the NGOs to criticise the Agreed Text for Settlement.

“Mukul Goovernment has neglected us but the present Government is also not following up the decision made in the Centre for the implementation of the Agreement,” Marak said.

In the letter addressed to state Home Minister James Sangma, the A’chik Matgrik said that with regards to rehabilitation of its cadres, they were deprived the most.

“State Government claimed the packages were given to all; but out of more than 270 ANVC-B cadres only 139 were selected,” the society of the former ANVC (B) rebels said.

The A’chik Matgrik also added that the state government  was supposed to send the copy of 49 cadres who is claimed to have got the package and 90 others who were yet to avail the packages.
The list was supposed to be forwarded to ANVC-B leaders within June 2017 but till today no step has been taken.

The letter also stated that the state government was suppose to withdraw all cases of non heinous crimes filed against the cadres, including leaders; but till today none of the cases has been withdrawn.

“We are made to attend courts twice thrice a month,” Marak said.
According to the Agreed Text for Settlement, as many as 13 subjects, including minor works of agriculture, sericulture and weaving, animal husbandry, fisheries and minor irrigation, among others, will have to be transferred to GHADC. For this, many committees were formed by the state government.