Achik National Volunteer Council- breakaway (ANVC-B) opposes council demand by minority tribes of Meghalaya

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Staff Correspondent

Shillong, July 20: The demand of the minority tribes has been strongly opposed by the leaders of the now disbanded Achik National Volunteer Council- breakaway (ANVC-B) at the Joint Monitoring Committee meeting held in New Delhi today.

Issuing a press statement on Friday, the ANVC-B leader Bernard Marak stated, “The minority tribals enjoy equal rights and status in the GHADC area; yet they are demanding reservation and a regional council in GHADC area which has been strongly objected by the Garos.”.

Their demand of regional council and reservation does not hold ground as their participation was never opposed by Garos and the MHA assured of not distorting the present structure. It was an attempt to create a rift among the tribals living peacefully in Garo Hills, Marak claimed.

He also said that they will invite the leaders of the minority tribes for a dialogue giving them a chance to place their grievances.

Stating that they expressed dissatisfaction against the State Government at the Central Level Monitoring Committee meeting, the former ANVC-B leader said that the MHA also expressed dissatisfaction over State government’s negligence.