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Are Onions or Your Refrigerator Causing Black Fungus?

The Black Fungus is found in the environment and can also enter the human body through cuts in the skin. According to the official data, India has reported 11,717 cases till now.

Are Onions or Your Refrigerator Causing Black Fungus?

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India has reported a spike in the number of 'Black Fungus' cases and there are about 11,717 such cases currently. Amidst this, a lot of misinformation regarding the disease has been circulating on many platforms. Different types of 'Funguses' are getting discovered every day and this is causing fear and panic amongst the people.

Several unverified media sources have been playing a major role in spreading such misinformation. These viral messages claim that people can catch the black fungus through household appliances, edibles, and more.

Is Onion the Culprit of Black Fungus ?

Certain messages on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp are claiming that the black layer in onions just below the peel is the fungus that can cause Black Fungus.

The black layer seen on onions is due to 'aspergillus niger', a type of common fungus found in soil. This fungus is not infectious but it is advised to always wash the vegetables and fruits before consumption.

Is your Refrigerator Spreading Black Fungus?

Some messages are pointing a finger at the rubber lining in refrigerators. Many are saying that if not cleaned properly, the fungus develops on the rubber lining that is there on the refrigerator door and this can cause Black fungus. Of course, every part of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned properly but experts have said that these are not the reason for Black Fungus. According to experts, some types of bacteria and yeast may grow on our refrigerators and on damp walls but these are very different from what causes 'Mucormycosis'.

Can Eating Fruits Cause Black Fungus?

Some messages are claiming that consuming raw fruits can cause mucormycosis. Experts have debunked all such claims and said that while eating fruits raw, they need to be cleaned, washed properly before eating. This is something that doctors, experts have always said. Washing raw fruits or soaking them for few minutes in water with potassium permanganate kills a lot of germs and bacteria.

What is the Black Fungus:

The Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is caused by a group of molds known as the 'micromycetes. These are found in the environment in its natural habitat but affect people who are on medication for certain health issues. The fungi can weaken the immune system of the patients which can have adverse effects on one's health.

Many experts say that the rise in such similar cases may be due to the use of contaminated water in oxygen humidifiers and for the usage of steroids among covid19 patients.

The 'Black fungus' is not contagious and enters the human body through the fungal spores present in the environment. The fungi can also enter the body through cuts in the skin.

Director of AIIMS, Dr Randeep Guleria says that the fungus is not exactly black. It causes discolouration of the skin by decreasing the amount of blood supply and amount his causes the skin to appear darker in colour or black.

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