Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous People Submitted Memorandum for Disclosure of JHPC Report

Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous People

A Correspondent

ITANAGAR: Opposing the grant of PRC to the undesirable and illegally entered tribes outside the state in Arunachal Pradesh, the Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous People (Core committee) submitted a memorandum to the governor requesting to disclose the report of Joint High Power Committee (JHPC) to public on Friday.

The committee said that the JHPC report should be made public so that people’s referendum can be taken into consideration. Further, it said that if any illegal migrants are given PRC or ST certificate in any form of government documents to be immediately cancelled.

The study committee should be constituted to unearth and study the actual ground realities of the area to evolve a scientific and creditable demographic data to asses and examine the genuinely of the so called indigenous population of the area. Based on the studies, the welfare government may examine the vexed issue to extend the benefit such policies to original bona fide tribes, the committee stated.

The committee also termed the statement by the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of state as an arbitrary and devoid of any critical academic factual put before taking this vexed PRC issue and to be withdrawn forthwith.
It further termed the announcement as anti-indigenous, unilateral, arbitrary and blatant violation of various provisions of regulations and acts that safeguard the indigenous populace.

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