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At least 12 people killed by suspected gunman in California


Guwahati: A gunman in California shot at least 12 people dead inside a dance bar on Wednesday. However, the gunman could not escape as he was too shot dead by police. The incident took place inside a crowded Southern California country dance bar. The incident took place at 11:20 pm.

As reported by the police, hundreds of people were present in the dance bar when the incident took place all of a sudden. The dance bar where the incident happened is reported to be Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks.

Witnesses of the shooting incident noticed that a tall man wearing all black attire with a hood and his face partly covered entered the bar and shot a man first who was opening the door. Immediately after this, the gunman started opening random firings on other people present in the bar.

People, on realizing the terror, started screaming and fled to all corners of the bar on being traumatized at the sudden turn of the incident. Some of the people even threw barstools through the windows and helped dozens escape.


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