Brutal murder of infant rocks Shillong, accused arrested

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Shillong Bureau
Shillong, June 19: In a chilling and brutal murder of an infant baby aged about three weeks old in the wee hours of Tuesday morning at Mission Compound, Shillong, the police have made the first crack by arresting the suspected perpetrator at around 7 pm this evening.

The incident happened at around 2.30 when a masked man intruded the house belonging to the Blein family. According to the family members of the victim, they informed that the grandmother of the baby heard someone crying and on inspection found that her daughter (mother of the baby) was lying on the floor badly injured and that the baby was not present in the room.
Being curfew hours, the police was immediately informed. There was virtual panic as neighbors run in search of the baby lifted by the accused. During the search, the baby was found on the terrace of the house in a bucket filled with water.

Speaking to The Sentinel, the Superentendent of Police (SP) East Khasi Hills Davies Marak said that the baby was alive during the research mission but succumbed to the exposure at the hospital. A post mortem was carried out and the infant was handed over to the family members.

Barely 18 hours after the incident, the police apprehended the suspect. The police refused to name the suspect except stating that he had a past relation with the mother of the dead infant. According to another source, the suspect who was picked up from within the periphery of the crime area is a habitual offender. Earlier, He was arrested, jailed and released in at least four occasions for various crimes that he has allegedly committed, admitted the SP of East Khasi Hills.

Going by the source, the suspect was involved in a case of carjacking just a few months ago. He was arrested and released on bail. It is said that the accused was also evicted from the previous locality that he resided in for causing public nuisance.