Civil Society Womens Organisation Opposes Decision On Raised Price Of VIP’s Vehicle

Civil Society Womens organisation
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Staff Correspondent

Shillong: The Civil Society Womens organisation (CSWO) on Thursday decried the Cabinet decision to raised the price base of procuring vehicles for the VIPs in the state. “It is shocking indeed, especially at a time when the State is financially strapped, and not being able to pay the SSA teachers, the victim compensation scheme, not improving mobility services for the police in remote areas where they need more vehicles and the like.

Many a time the victims of rape are made to travel together with the perpetrator in the same vehicle as both need to be taken for medical examination. In fact the Government should sit to tighten the extravagant spending of public funds and seek for more accountability and transparency” stated a CSWO press release.

The CSWO has questioned the Government and the Guardians of the State, the bureaucrats in-charge of Finance, as to where is the ‘Meghalaya Ministers Allowances and Privileges Act 1972’. The Finance department and the Chief Secretary should not allow such decisions by the Cabinet wherein decisions are made amounting to extravagant splurging of Public funds.