Complete CAS, remove pay anomalies: NEHUTA

A correspondent
Shillong, May 28:  In the light of steady fund cuts and privatization of central universities, the North Eastern Hill University Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA) has expressed concern over the delay in completion of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for young and experienced teachers.
According to NEHUTA, this has a direct bearing on the overall performance index of the university.

“The association is deeply concern over the falling standards of the quality of academics, which, according to the association, is due to the failure in the implementation of the policy,” NEHUTA president Xavier Mao said.
The association also expressed deep concern over pay fixation anomalies in the Sixth Pay Commission which have been carried over to the Seventh Pay fixation as well.

The association alleged that the negligence by officials has a negative impact on the functioning of the statutory bodies of the university as minutes are not published on time and the annual audit and accounts are passed without necessary approval from the University Court.

The association is also concerned over the works that are being carried out without following due process and by flouting the directives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

“Regular disruptions in infrastructure and maintenance such as delay in repair of hostels and housings and supply of unpurified water and poor maintenance of electrical installations have been a major cause of worry for teachers and students,” Mao said.

According to the NEHUTA president, if such negligence continues the university is likely to go down further in the national ranking of universities in India.

“It is regrettable to see that the university is running without statutory officers and none of the statutory positions like Registrar, Finance Officer and University Engineer has been filled up since the present vice chancellor has taken over in 2015,” the association stated.

“The NEHUTA added that such ad hoc functioning combined with vacancies in both teaching and non-teaching positions have slowed down the efficient functioning of the university, which is supposed to cater to the large sections of students and other stakeholders of the society,” Mao said.
The NEHUTA also said it was shocked to observe that seniority of teachers is not given priority during appointment to the post of Deans.

The association also said that flouting and non-implementation of Executive Council resolutions too in matters like construction and credit billing for medical facilities are also of serious concern.

“Advertisement for the post of University Engineer was withdrawn citing anomalies between UGC rules and Government of India rules. Meanwhile, the university and its infrastructural works are running ad hoc by lower level officers,” NEHUTA said.

The NEHUTA also added it has demanded faster completion of CAS promotions and removal of pay anomalies. It has also demanded immediate filling up of the long-pending statutory and other vacancies so that the university can function in a more harmonious and efficient manner, as per the Act, Statute, Ordinances of the university.

Meanwhile, the NEHUTA elected a new executive body for the year 2018-19.