Farmer Groups’ Secretary Resigns Protesting Land Acquisition for Bullet Train Project

Sagar Rabari

Guwahati: One of the prominent farmers’ group in Gujarat, Khedut Samaj – Gujarat (KSG) is protesting against the land acquisition process which has resulted into a split in the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train Project.

At the same time, the secretary of KSG Sagar Rabari has resigned from the organisation with further plans of forming a breakaway group. The reason behind Sagar separating from the farmers’ group is that he is not much happy to see the group building good terms with the opposition Congress.

As per sources, Rabari has already sent his resignation letter to KSG president Jayesh Patel in August, but it was not accepted by the office bearers. Rabari is said to be planning to form a new group by the name Gujarat Khedut Ekta Manch.

Rabari, on being contacted by media to keep his point of view on this matter, said, “Yes, I have resigned from KSG. It was not accepted by the office bearers. However, I am not going to withdraw the same. I had sent my resignation through Whatsapp. Now, I will be sending a hard copy of the same.”

Stating the reason for resigning from the farmers’ group, Rabari states, “The reason for my resignation is growing political leaning of KSG. I do not want to name any political party. I believe that a farmers’ group must remain non-political. Farmers have a very bad experience with Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS). Today, farmers do not come out in open protests against anti-farmer policies of the government because they do not trust organisations with leaning towards a particular political party.”

He also added that he will be launching his new farmers’ group by the name Gujarat Khedut Ekta Manch after Diwali.

Reacting to the resignation submitted by Rabari, the president of KSG Jayesh Patel said, “Sagarbhai (Rabari) had resigned, but the resignation was not accepted by the office bearers (of KSG) and he is performing his duties as Secretary of KSG.”

When Patel was being questioned that Rabari has actually resigned due to the growing political influences in the group, Patel said that he is not aware of that. He added that he thought the issue is solved after the non-acceptance of resignation. He stressed that KSG is a non-political organisation.


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