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Financial help rendered to 86 beneficiaries

A Reporter

SHILLONG, July 17: The Monitoring Cum Implementation Committee (MCIC) of South Shillong constituency as per its record has extended financial help to 86 beneficiaries totaling Rs12, 06,000.

The beneficiaries were covered under programmes like BPL status, students, medical treatment for fire victims, cancer patients, disabled, mentally retarded patient, landslide victims, church committees, puja committees, school and college committees, sports, social & cultural clubs, dorbar shnongs, NGOs, self employment for widows etc.

The financial help was under discretionary grants and salary earnings of Sanbor Shullai-MLA cum chairman of the Committee. This kind of financial helps and support for the day to day needs, and unforeseen incidents for emergent financial help and support to the people of 19th South Shillong Constituency was planned, initiated and recommended by Sanbor Shullai-MLA as per statement enclosed herewith.