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Flood turns Dhubri girls’ college into jail, undertrial inmate escapes jail swimming away

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Guwahati: The situation of flood in Assam has gone so severe that the district jail in Dhubri has been compelled to be shifted. A total of 409 inmates of the Dhubri District jail are being shifted to the Dhubri Girls’ college building. What is more shocking is that the shifting of the jail inmates gave one of the inmates a golden chance to escape from the college turned jail. The Dhubri flood situation is so grim that not only the original campus of the jail inundated by the floodwaters, but the ground floor of the college building too went underwater.

Reportedly, the district jail has been inundated by floodwaters for which the authority decided to shift the inmates to the college building for the time being. The sudden flexibility in the jail securities and a change in the atmosphere landed a chance to an undertrial accused of rape. The undertrial prisoner escaped the newly shifted jail in the wee hours of Wednesday which is just a day after the shifting of the jail.  As identified by the authority later, the escaped undertrial is Hajifur Rahman.

Hafijur broke the window grill of the college building and swam out of the scene. The Assam police DIG (Western Range) has stated that an investigation into the matter has been initiated.

An investigating police officer states, “Rahman managed to flee through a window of the college building. Though a security blanket was put in place after the prisoners were shifted, a college building can never be as secure as a prison. He managed to break a window grill and flee in the darkness.”

Adding more on the details of the escaping prisoner, the officer said that Rahman hails from Chagalchara Part II village in Dhubri district and he was arrested a year ago on rape charges.

Dhubri, along with the rest of the state, is suffering from severe flood, lack of electricity and several other flood-created issues.

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