German team wants to accord priority on NE

A Reporter
SHILLONG, May 14: A delegation from the German Embassy in New Delhi on Monday inspected the Nela Handloom Training Centre-cum-production unit at Mawkasiang in Shillong.

Speaking to reporters after the inspection, Deputy Ambassador of German, who is also the Deputy Chief of Mission Head of Economic and Global Affairs, Dr. Jasper Wieck said, “We don’t come often to the North Eastern part of India, but we often go to Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and other parts of mainland India. But it’s high time we gave attention to the Northeast.”

Wieck added, “After our arrival here, we felt the place is like a paradise. The place is beautiful plus the people are also very kind.”

Deputy Ambassador of German said since they have projects in Development Corporation, it is a good opportunity to access weather they are doing the right thing in assisting the State of Meghalaya in how they can improve their assistance to the state.

One of the purposes is to help the people to generate income so that they do not leave the village and go to big cities in the country, Wieck added.

“These people should stay in their own villages and hence they have to provide ways to generate income. This weaving project is an attempt to help villagers to enhance their livelihood,” he said.

He further said once people take up handloom and learn how to do it, the State can produce to cater to the local, regional and all India market, including the European market. Wieck said the sample of scarf’s which is available at the production unit is of very high quality and can be used to make clothes and market it in India as well as in the European market.

He also said the people of the State should be proud of their land as it is very productive in terms of agriculture.
“I wish we had fruitful lands in agriculture in Germany,” he said.
The inspection was also attended by Sohryngkham MDC Pyniad Sing Syiem, NPP State youth wing president Nicky Nongkhlaw, Wanlambok Kharsati secretary of Mawryngkneng and Berry Kharngapkynta.