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Guwahati Traffic Stalled Due To Water Logging

Guwahati Traffic


GUWAHATI: After a heavy spell of rainsin the city, Guwahatians were greeted with knee-deep water that submerged most parts of Guwahati, including Zoo Road, Anil Nagar, Nabin Nagar, Six Mile, Beltola, Hatigaon, GS Road, Chandmari, Kalapahar, Gandhi Mandap, and other major areas. In spite of extensive drainage works being carried out by the district administration, water logging still remains a menace for the city residents.

Traffic was stalled for several hours during peak office and school time causing a halt in the smooth functioning of everyday life. The surmounting heat for the past few days was relieved somewhat by the heavy shower but other problems such as water logging reared its ugly in its stead.

A traffic constable said, “Traffic halted for a few hours as some smaller vehicles could not wade through the water logged areas and we had to face the flak of angry commuters. We understand that this happened during a time when the offices and schools start and being late, the city dwellers tend to get angry but it is beyond our control. We try to clear the congestion but due to the incessant rains, our job gets difficult as well.”

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