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Headless Body – A Human Sacrifice?

Headless Body


GUWAHATI: The headless body of a woman discovered at the steps leading to the Joy Durga mandir atop Nilachal hills has created a furor in the area with residents suspecting human sacrifice. Besides the body, an earthen diya and pot, a sindoor, flowers and a pair of sandals suspected to be of the woman, was discovered near the scene. These evidences have led police to suspect that it is related to superstitious rituals and could be an incident of human sacrifice. The police have searched the Bhootnath crematory grounds, Navagraha and Pandu port for the missing head but was not able to locate it.

The Kamakhya Devalaya Doloi Samaj however, was of the opinion that the incident has been staged as a human sacrifice but is in truth, act of miscreants who are trying to divert the route of investigation carried out by the police. “We have never seen any female sacrifice in the area. Even our animal sacrifices are all male and this leads us to believe that the incident is in truth, possible acts of miscreants”, a member of the Samaj speculated.


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