Ice-cream seller from Sarupathar declared ‘Foreigner’, sent to Jorhat Detention Camp



Sarupathar: One Mohammed Kasem Ali of Sarupathar, Padumoni in Golaghat district was sent to the Jorhat detention camp after Foreigners’ Tribunal (FT) Court in Assam declared him as a foreigner.

Ali was detained by Assam police from his residence at Sarupathar, Padumoni in Golaghat district in Assam. Mohammed Kasem Ali is the son of Mohammed Abdul Ali.

According to the sources, Ali was an ice-cream seller at Sarupathar and after the Foreigner Tribunal of Jorhat district on Tuesday has issued the order to the court to arrest Mohammed Kasem Ali because he failed to submit any identity proof to establish the fact that he is an Indian citizen by birth.

The counsel of Mohammed Kasem Ali also informed that there is a Foreigners’ Tribunal case against him since 2012.

Meanwhile, the Sarupathar police arrest him on Tuesday and sent him to the detention camp in Jorhat.

Mohammed Kasem Ali did not appear before the Foreigners Tribunal court in his last two hearings.

Speaking to the media persons, Ali said that he has all the documents including voter cards. During proceeding various documents of his family members were examined and the court rejected the supporting documents that his family members had produced and due to some personal problem he was unable to appear before the Foreigners Tribunal court on two dates which were determined by the court, he said.

It may also be mentioned that there are 100 numbers of Foreigners Tribunal functioning in Assam.

Initially, 11 nos. of Illegal Migrant Determination Tribunals (IMDT) were functioning. After the repeal of the IMDT Act, the government of Assam has newly established 21 nos. of FTs in 2005.

In the year 2009, another 4 nos. of FTs had been established. In the year 2014 additional 64 nos. of FTs had been established for the disposal of Pending Cases in FTs.

Judges/Advocates have been appointed as the members of FT under the Foreigners Tribunal Act, 1941 and Foreigners Tribunal ORDER 1964.

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