IIM Shillong Conducts Session on Managing Businesses in India & China

IIM Shillong Conducts Session on Managing Businesses in India & China

SHILLONG: The seventh session of Executive MBA programme, PGPEx (Managing Business in India and China) was inaugurated at IIM Shillong on October 9. PGPEx-MBIC is a 14-month intensive program offered by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong designed to equip the participants with adequate knowledge and business skills for managing businesses in India and China, and also enabling them to operate at strategic levels with a global outlook by synergizing all functional areas of Management.

In addition, the participants are trained in Chinese language, Chinese culture and understanding of Chinese tradition, which is considered desirable for undertaking business in China. Chairperson of the programme, Prof. Rohit Joshi added, “The Indo-China orientation ensures that the participants get immersed in best of both the management styles in Asia and carve an outlook which spans across the Asian giants in the Global Economy. We would like students to gain an insight into China’s business environment and culture and also follow case studies of businesses that are flourishing in that country along with performance of various corporate groups.”

It may be added that The PGPEx-(MBIC) programme is the first-ever Sino-Indian Executive Post Graduate Program and is conducted under the partnership and stewardship of two institutes of academic excellence – the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, India and the Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.

Speaking as Chief Guest of the inaugural ceremony, Sumeet Chander, Country Head eValueserve (Greater China &Asia-Pacific Region), and an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad stressed on “be a student all your life,” as a key message behind his insightful address on the need to have a more holistic perspective of China, which is possible only through sheer people to people interaction, and from a more business oriented outlook, that of leader to leader interaction.

What palpably went well with the student community was Chander’s clear and definitive thoughts on the course “being timely, in the right direction.”

Having spent close to ten years in Shanghai, Chander was observant of the fact that China, over the past five years has witnessed a more socially conscious consumer behavior as opposed to a comparatively earlier copious one.

“Therefore, it is important for students, particularly of this programme, to closely understand the pace of change, while keeping an eye on development trends, especially the urban policies of China, which promises to deliver more often than not,” he said.

Citing personal examples, the corporate stalwart was in favour of, “connecting with people at their level” therein negating the barrier that, otherwise, language may present, as an anecdote while addressing the uncertainties that one may have while seeking to initiate business in China.

Batting off queries on multiple topics Chander adeptly infused his personal experience citing, “making things cheaper, and creating better quality products can increase the desire for the product, and hence ease trade deficit,” while answering queries on apparent trade deficit between China and India.

On comparative gender empowered work force, he pointed on 50 percent of grassroot workforce in China being women, and observed that there was ostensible empowerment and improvement even in the corporate area.

While speaking on possible areas for development of business prospects and strategies with a China focus, Chander urged the students to look into elder health care, fintech, entertainment, and tourism as some areas of interest.

Bringing the inaugural session to a close, Manager (Corporate Affairs & PR), HK Dutta candidly thanked the Chief Guest for flying all the way from Shanghai to ensure his presence among the students of IIM Shillong.

The PGPEx-MBIC course currently has a total of participation of 57 students inclusive of the 34 fresh inductees.

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