India secures place in world’s top 10 fastest growing cities


Guwahati: A good news for India that the nation has been able to occupy an enviable position in world’s top 10 fastest growing cities in terms of economic growth. With the latest ratings achieved, one this is just very sure that India is going to dominate the list for over the next two decades.

A report published by Oxford Economics has enlisted Indian city Surat has been able to hold position among the top 10 cities for being the heart f the nation in terms of diamond processing and trading. Surat, based in the western state of Gujarat, is going to witness the fastest economic growth through 2035, which is an advancement of more than 9 percent. Oxford’s head of global cities research Richard Holt also wrote in the report that by 2013, all of the 10 fastest growing cities will be in India.

However, this is also true that in comparison to the bigger metropolises of the world, the growth of the Indian cities will be small, but then the rate of progress will be remarkable. Also, the growth percentage of the Asian cities will enlarge into 17 percent higher by 2035 exceeding even the North American and European urban centers.

Even when this list of fastest growing cities will be made once again in 2035, a little will change can be seen at the top of the list. However, although New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and London will remain on the list, Shanghai and Beijing will, on the other hand, surpass Paris and Chicago.

The fastest growing city in the African continent is Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam. Armenian capital of Yerevan holds the top position in Europe. In North America, San Jose — a proxy for Silicon Valley will be counted as the best performer.


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