Internet Spreads Hate Speech Like Wildfire: UN Chief



United Nations: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that hatred speech has been spreading like wildfire through the Internet, saying attention should be given to “physical aggressions” as the recent attacks against the Jewish, Christian or Muslim centres. “This situation requires a huge investment, an investment in social cohesion and investment in diversity to make people feel that even if they are different from others … the societies should accept them, integrate them and respect them,” Xinhua quoted Guterres as saying.

Citing the recent attacks against several religious sites in New Zealand and Pittsburgh of the US, the UN chief called on the international community to guard against both “extreme thinking and extreme political action.” “Whether people like the UN or not, whether people think that UN must be reforming this or that aspect, we still need UN as a fundamental tool for a better world,” the secretary-general concluded. (IANS)