Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) MDC Grace Mary Kharpuri justifies her absence


A Reporter

SHILLONG, July 13: The Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) MDC Grace Mary Kharpuri has justified that her absence in the election of a new CEM in the KHADC which was held today at 11am was because the district council rules were not followed and that the election was held in haste as many of the MDCs supporting her also did not get proper notice of the election at the right time.

Speaking to reporters in the city on Friday, Kharpuri said that as the rules were not followed hence she has decided to take up the matter with the Meghalaya High Court by filing a petition along with other MDCs who had supported her candidature which included the PDF MDCs and the Congress.
According to her, as the chairman of the district council has resigned from his position, there is no one to chair the house hence there is a need for a fresh filing of candidature for the position of CEM.