Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Constituencies To Get Rs 1 Crore Each


SHILLONG: The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) in an Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on Friday has taken a decision to allot Rs 1 crore each to the 29 Members of District Council (MDC) constituencies from the special assistance sanctioned by the Central Government to the district council.

EM in-charge development, MN Mukhim informed that out of the Rs 50 crore sanctioned by the Central Government to the district council, it was decided that Rs 1 crore will be allotted to the 29 MDC constituencies.
“I have seen that many are saying the special assistance from the Centre amounts to Rs 52 crore. However, that is untrue and the exact figure is little over Rs 50 crore,” he said.

He said that this is not an MDC scheme. However, it’s a constituency scheme and MDCs should place a proposal for their constituency with various developmental projects to avail the scheme.
“This is a constituency scheme, however it must go through the MDCs,” he said.

He informed that earlier the Centre had released Rs 34 crore to the district council. But the remaining amount was not released due to the Lok Sabha polls.

“We will soon receive the remaining Rs 15 crore from the government and then the MDCs can place their proposal for the scheme,” he said.
He also informed that the remaining amount from the special assistance scheme will be utilized towards district council assets.
“The distribution is going to be the same for all constituencies,” he said.