Magician John Lanong to predict World cup winner

A Reporter
SHILLONG, July 14: Renowned local magician of Meghalaya, John Lanong will predict the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018 which will be held on Sunday at Moscow, Russia.
The prediction for the winner of the World Cup Final will be held at Polo Ground on Sunday and the final will be shown on a giant screen organized by the sports department of Meghalaya.
Lanong had already prepared for the prediction for the past one month and he had already written the name of the country which will win the World Cup.
Interestingly the local magician will also predict the number of goals which will be scored and at what particular time and maybe that it might go to penalty kick-out.
The magician will write his prediction in a piece of paper and later keep it inside a box which will be hanged from above near the giant screen eight hours before the final game of the World Cup kicks off.
The box will be lowered only after the game is over and the prediction of the magician will be revealed to the public to witness if his prediction is correct or wrong. The objective of this prediction is to mark the 10-year anniversary of the journey of Lanong as a magician.