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Mark Esper Nominates As New US Defence Secretary

Mark Esper

Washington: The White House has formally nominated Mark Esper as the new Secretary of Defence as it struggles to fill the top Pentagon post that has been vacant for over six months. The letter of nomination was sent to the US Senate on Monday afternoon, A day before Esper’s scheduled confirmation hearing, reports Xinhua. Esper, who previously served as the Acting Defence Secretary, will be relieved of the role until his confirmation as early as Thursday. (IANS)

The algorithm also works on other combinatorial games such as the sliding tile puzzle, Lights Out and Sokoban.

The researchers were interested in understanding how and why the Artificial Intelligence (AI) made its moves and how long it took to perfect its method.

“It learned on its own, our AI takes about 20 moves, most of the time solving it in the minimum number of steps,” Baldi said.

“Right there, you can see the strategy is different, so my best guess is that the AI’s form of reasoning is completely different from a human’s,” he added.

According to the researchers, the ultimate goal of projects such as this one is to build the next generation of AI systems. (IANS)


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