NE student leaders question Sonowal’s silence

Staff Correspondent
Shillong, May 22: Insiders within the North Eastern Students Organisation (NESO) are pondering on why the man who challenged the Illegal Migrants (determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 Sarabanda Sonowal is still silent on the Union Government proposed Citizenship Amendment bill. The subtle silence of the former firebrand leader of the All Assam Students Union and present Chief Minister of Assam has not gone well with his old comrades in arms in the conglomerate body of the North East students bodies.
“Yes, it is indeed a fact that his (Sonowal) stoic silence, especially on the issue that he had led from the front”, stated a senior member of NESO on condition of anonymity. Chairman of NESO Samuel Jyrwa during a brief chat with The Sentinel shared a similar view by stating, “Prima facie evidence indicated that it is due to political compulsion rather than sharing the cause.”

“ Our sister organizations in Assam are at work to ensure that the Chief Minister denounced the proposed legislation,” stated Jyrwa, even as he iterated that ‘a long battle is impending if the Centre imposed the proposed bill.  Directly pointing at Assam where the indigenous populations have been reduced to a minority, Jyrwa said, “It is pertinent that the government of Assam should follow the Meghalaya government way in opposing the Bill.”

Meghalaya does not want to face the fate of the seven districts of Assam or Tripura, he stated, even as he added, “if needed, as a student body we will also have lobby with the political parties to oppose the legislation.”