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No trace of formalin found in imported fish

Staff Correspondent

SHILLONG, July 19: Test carried on Wednesday showed no traces of formalin in fish imported to Meghalaya.

The detection test carried under the supervision of the Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety started right from the arrival of the first truck of fish at the downloading premises located at Khlieh Iew parking lot, Shillong.

The exercise began on the directive of the government to verify the insinuations that imported fishes are being ferried after being injected with a chemical preservative called as formalin.

Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety DPS Mukhim was right at the spot along with other officials to check the transported fish from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam.

She said, “After 23 varied samples were taken from the fishes that arrived in our state, the test showed no traces of formalin content.”

“From my findings, I can tell you that the imported fishes are fit for consumption”, Mukhim stated after carrying a detail scientific test in front of the fish merchants and a group of newsmen. As divulged to The Sentinel a few days ago, the Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety was categorical that there should be more of hygiene in terms of the unloading area and the human transportation to the local markets. “I have spoken to the fish merchants who assured to co-operate with us on this issue,” Mukhim stated.

Going by the findings on Thursday, it has allayed all apprehensions of the fish consumers in the state. Meghalya imports 21,000 metric tones of fish annually; of late, it has fallen down said a lorry driver from Hyderabad.