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Number of inundated villages rises to 137 in Lakhimpur



LAKHIMPUR: With the receding water level of Subansiri and Ranganadi rivers due to stopping of the incessant downpour and low amount of excess water released from the Ranganadi dam, the flood situation improved to some extent in North Lakhimpur and Naoboicha Revenue Circles (RC) on Wednesday.

Yet, a total of 26 villages under North Lakhimpur RC and five villages under Naoboicha RC remained submerged on the ninth day. Also, flood expanded to six more villages under Bihpuriya RC, increasing Tuesday’s figure of 31 to 37. Similarly, the scenario in Narayanpur RC is still grim with the inundation of 30 villages. One village under Kadam RC under North Lakhimpur subdivision along with the mentioned four RCs was also under flood till the day.

On the other hand, flood caused by Jiadhol, Kumatiya and Sampora rivers inundated 15 more villages afresh under Subansiri RC on Wednesday, increasing Tuesday’s figure of 9 to 24. Similarly, one more village came under flood in Dhakuakhana RC. Under such circumstances, overall 137 revenue villages across Lakhimpur district were submerged by the present wave of the deluge for the ninth day affecting 70,174 people. Flood submerged 3,979 hectares of crop area and affected 24,909 big animals, 13,719 small animals and 8,505 poultry. Though the management of the Ranganadi Hydro Electric Plant has been continuously releasing the excess water from the Ranganadi dam since last week, the volume of the released water has decreased since Tuesday.

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