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‘One Nation, One Election’ Good For Country: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma

Conrad K Sangma
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SHILLONG: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said that the concept of ‘One Nation, One Election’ is good for the country as it will cut down expenditures and at the same time improve the overall efficiency of elections. Conrad said this to the media in New Delhi where he had gone to attend the meeting of different political parties convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

“It is a positive thing but there are also challenges to it and therefore consultations must be done with all the stakeholders to ensure that all the ideas are taken in and based on that a proper decision can be made,” the Chief Minister said.

He also stated that Prime Minister Modi reflected the same idea saying it will be important to ensure that this (meeting) is the beginning where consultation on the subject will take place at all the different levels and only once the consultations are done then only decision will be made on how it can be taken forward.

Conrad stated that it is not his or his government’s agenda but it is for the nation and it should be taken in a positive manner.

Meanwhile, on the issue of improving the productivity of Parliament, the Chief Minister said that it is important to ensure that the parties send a message to inculcate the culture of debate rather than creating commotion.
“The person’s productivity should be judged by how he participates in the Parliament,” Conrad said.

He also said that at the meeting, he explained how members of the Meghalaya Assembly indulge in healthy debates.

“Yes we have arguments, but then it is a very productive argument; we don’t stall the proceedings of the House,” he added.
Conrad at the meeting also suggested that for MPs to be more productive, they should be given more man powers and offices.
“I suggested that each MP should be given an office and enough staff so that research can be done and work can be done in that line,” the Chief Minister said.

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