Pasteur Institute Shillong recorded 4329 cases of dog bites in one year

Dog bites
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SHILLONG, July 22: The Pasteur Institute Shillong recorded 4329 cases of dog bites in the last one year information collected from the Director of Health Services (Research) stated. The data is for the period between April 2017 to March 2018.

According to the information, during the period out of the 4329 dog bites, 3099 people were bitten by pet dogs, 779 by stray dogs and 451 persons were bitten by rabid dogs.

The month wise distribution of dog bites are April (390), May (409), June (327), July (302), August (324), September (290), October (329), November (357), December (317), January (425), February (440) and March (419). Meanwhile, out of the 4329 dog bite, 1985 were children and 2344 were adults.

It may be pointed out that Shillong city is facing the menace of street dogs. There were many instances where these strays attacked children as well as adults. In certain localities these dogs roam in packs especially during the mating season thus putting the lives of passers-by in danger.

It is also not know whether the Shillong Municipal Board carrying out a sterilization drive to curb the over population of dogs in the city. Also, another 824 people were bitten by other animals out of which 271 were children and 553 were adults.

In April 2015 in an attack 14 persons mostly minors were injured after they were attacked by an Alsatian dog.The dog which had escaped from his owner roamed around in various parts of the city. The injured persons were from Mawlai Mawroh, Pynthorbah, Langkyrding, Golflink area. The incident has sent panic among the residents of the city.