People Democratic Forum (PDF) firm on supporting Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) coalition’

Staff Correspondent

Shillong, July 16: People Democratic Forum (PDF) legislators who are part of the present Meghalaya Democratic Alliance Government (MDA) are committed to carry on with their support to the coalition. Notwithstanding the differences in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) where the PDF elected representatives have  split wide open, State Minister of Urban Affairs and PDF legislator Hamlet Dohling told The Sentinel on Monday, “ There is nothing that we had discussed in the Party  Executive Committee on withdrawal of support to the NPP-led government but one thing for sure is that we are committed to ensure the government  lasts its full term and serve the people”.

Dohling admitted that there is a simmering discontent within the party elected members of the KHADC to the extent that the PDF founding supremo and Chief Executive Memebr (CEM) Pynshngain N Syiem was forced to resign. However Dohling said, “ For everthing that is happening in the Council, we leave to the members to sort it out.”

“WE cannot blend district council politics with state politics”, said the PDF legislator who is part of the coalition government headed by the NPP. While remarking that the district Council is a house unlimited liberty to change sides because there is no anti- defection law to bind the elected members, Dohling underscored the importance of ‘principles’ as a force to prevent the shift of repeated allegiance by the elected members of the district council.

On the state government front, Dohling said that the present alliance face no threat from the four PDF legislators.