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Memory Lane
Ben Zongte

The way to memory lane
is a well-beaten path
It ought to be
For the child within me
travels frequently through it.

Do not be alarmed,
If, on the way,
You saw your Mother’s youth
Or your Father, before the diabetes
and the Pink Bougainvillea
overwhelming the front gate.
A Song for Mother
Ben Zongte

If for once,
I could dissolve
Into the cool mountain air.
I would lend my Mother’s tired brows
A lingering tranquil breeze
and sing to her
A song of the Birds.

If for once,
I could bloom
Like sea of roses in June
It would be in Fuchsia
of the most invigorating shade.
Perhaps then my color
Might bring her some cheer.


Ripples of Emotion
Parthajit Borah

I wish I was the sea.
Whirring in my own emotion
To reach the banks
By forming whirlpools of lost and found,
Leaving imprints of history on the arid sand.
Carrying the vibes of the sea,
Ripples tired at my lap.
Sailing boats through the bosom of sea
Unveiled the agony of the blue.
Fear and trepidation merge together
in reddening my lost emotion.


Urge for Unification
Buddhadev Nandi

The water of the earth
Scorching in the burning sun
Evaporates and soars
To come in contact with the cool air
And pour in the form of showers
Feeling an urge of integrity
With thewater ofinfinity.

Likewise,a Soul whilegoing
Through the cyclicpassage
From one birth to another
Is summoned by the urge
Withstanding all earthly bonds
To merge with the Eternity,
Only to attain absolute immortality.
Please No Tags!
Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

Look at it the other way…
Religion is again
Nothing but a massive
Everyday roadblock
In the path to the soul.
Invisible walls imprisoning our
Already corrupt hearts and our self-declared
Sophisticated lives!
Swearing and shouting
We pray…
And yet when we ask anyone,
None of us can
Clearly explain or say!
Outside the window,
Minds melt,
Sunshine or rainfall,
Divinity can freely fly
In faith…
Patiently soar!