A Decree of Disorder
Ronjoy Bordoloi

A decree of disorder
Searching for scenic elegance,
The two friends journeyed on;
Into the unknown they traversed,
Knowing not what lay beyond.

They captured nature’s melodies,
They were mesmerized by the bewitching falls;
But the Devil and the demons were waiting,
Hungry for blood and bones.

A rumor spelt their doom,
And drunken eyes broke all rules;
Ignorance and envy were the tools,
Even ashamed are the ominous fools.

The hooligans broke their cartilage,
And thrashed them like animals;
They spilt their innocent blood,
A nasty sort, between Man and Mammals.

The only fault of the two friends,
Was their immense love of nature;
Humanity died that day,
Bringing forth the decree of disorder.


Blood on the Gamusa
Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

Carcinogenic anger
Cripples our minds,
Blood in our breakfast is our habit these days,
Feeding on rumours
And fresh raw flesh
Alike the murder of crows,
We try hard for our self demolition,
Barren lives weeping tears of blood
By the gates of Hades…
Corrupt souls fighting like there’s
No tomorrow among themselves…
The silent helpless whispers of the torn clothes
And raw stains of blood lying morbid on the streets…
An everyday affair now,
I wonder hard what are we left with,
…First of all as just ‘humans;’
And of course,
Where actually we stand in
The global platform today
As a distinctive glorious race,
Only except in our mellow songs
And unique dance forms
or pieces of literature…
Alas, once the blazing brave hearts
From the shores of the mighty Brahmaputra;
Sons and daughters of BirLachit…
The one unified ‘Axomia,’
Hey look,
Now lost without even a name or trace…
Just a paralyzed part on
Mother earth’s face!
How accurately
Bhupenda predicted once…
Us humans outside…
Our hidden demons inside!


Cinema! Cinema!
Arindam Barooah

The floor illuminates.
Eye rolls framing impressions.
Artiste enacts.
The magic of the glittering silver screen.
Where stars flauntgaudiness,
Artistic stories,
Masala dance numbers,
Peppy lyrical music,
Action-packed dialogues,
High energy actionsequences,
Picturesque scenic locations,
Distinctive lightning,
Convincing acting prowess.
An influential medium to
Carry away your vivid imaginations
I am a movie buff,
And will continue to be a movie buff.


I am in all
Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

I am in all;
Sometimes the
Undying cockroach crawling
The ages of time…
A starving survivor…hammered,
But yet somehow breathing,
And at times,
The mad monsoon frog
Jumping from tree to tree…
Wondering where
Love sleeps hibernating…!
I am in all;
The wine and both the blood,
The mirror,
And likewise in the reflection;
The breathing woods,
The fire and alike in the grey ashes…
Both in the cold tombstone
And the silent body that lies within…!
I am in all;
You shall never confine me…
Can neither conformingly
Beat your chests!
So just keep mum, and surrender…
And I surrender unto you…
You walk,
Fly or swim…
I am forever inside you…!
I am in all;
‘Ram’ and ‘Rahim’
Are names I had long forgotten…
Just alike,
“How can I say
How many breaths I had taken when I was
Writing this?”