If all I had was a question?
Arunav Barua

If all I had was a question,
Would you have an answer ready?
Journeying through the veiled seconds
Stopping at stations of memory
Where, for moments, we smile
We could tell each other stories,
Of great deeds in great lands
Or, we could just hold hands and look,
To see that distant star in the heavens.
Perhaps we would have a few laughs,
Together with our evening tea
Perhaps we would snuggle up together
When tired eyes get sleepily dreamy
We would sing songs without meaning
Silly in their essence, but true at heart
We could challenge the elements
If all I had was a question,
Would you have an answer ready?


Black is my favourite colour
Saswati Kashyap
Black is my favourite colour.
Raw and pure-
No pretension, nofacade
To hide artifice.
Is this the reason
People panic in the dark?
Lest they confronttheir innate selves
Bare and brutal –
Unvarnished to the least?
My granny said,
‘Don’t go out in the dark’.
I demanded her the reason
With childlike curiosity.
‘Beasts and monsters love to play in the dark,’
She said.
Ah! Those youngsters, so naïve-
They felt music in the dark.
And loved rhythm
Of the plains, hills
And the wild.
Dreadlocks, bandana and ‘gogona’
Enough to form a (wrong) idea?
Hurry! Clip the wings of birds
That sing of tolerance
And cripple their dream of union!
Plant the seeds of anger and hatred
And water it with politics of schism-
Let its branches spiral up
Forming a labyrinth–
Where humanity cannot tread!
Remember? I told you-
‘Don’t go out in the dark, without informing us.’
The man in khaki grins, smartphone in hand.
Black, black-
I love the colour black
Raw and brutal
Unbares the truth in all.


The passage of wind
Buddhadev Nandi

The morning wind
From the distant hill
Passed over the seas
Being invigorated with zeal.
Then it called the mariners
To sail on their ships
Those who were waiting overnight
For going so deep.
When it passed over
The golden beach
Forbade the breakers
To proceed beyond their reach.
Then it hovered over
For a brief moment
To enjoy the glimpse of
The sunbeams on the golden sand.
The wind then proceeded
Through the woods slumber
Urging the wild birds
To sing their sweet numbers.
When it blew over
The paddy ground
Whispered of the morn
With soughing sound.
The wind then reached
The farmhouse near
To winnow away the husks
From the corns in the air.
After that it reached
In the sprawling ground
Where the children were
Playing in joy around.
Then it blew over the earth
Scorched by the sun till noon
With the promises of
Assuaging her from the heat so soon.
The mild wind then blew
From the south in the evening
To recapitulate the whole of the work
That has been started since morning.
At last the wind rattled past
In the darkness of night
With the promises of bringing
The message of a new dawn full of light.


Seven makes it complete!

One is the beginning, a newness, a start,
It holds all possibilities, of all that is,
It is that moment when we release the dart
Two gives direction, it is the writing on a chart,
Where we are meant to go, when released,
In two, all that counts are matters of the heart
Three brings focus, it rests on vision,
When we see the path ahead of us,
It is a time of reflective action and revision
Four brings forth a hunger akin to fire,
It burns everything on its way
It is that which brings out desire
Five gives us acceleration to reach the goal,
We speed up without looking back,
With it we assume we are on a roll
Six is the potential slowly released now,
To reach where we were going all along
It answers that question when we ask how
Seven, the last colour on that rainbow,
Completes the count to finally come home
All questions are met with answers that show.