Police warns people against fraudsters

A Correspondent
Shillong, May 18: The Meghalaya police have cautioned the people of the state against fraudsters, who call up unsuspecting people, seeking their bank details and subsequently withdrawing their money.

The police department pointed out that a lot of telephone calls from mobile numbers as well as from landline numbers are being received by general public from fraudsters.

“They impersonate as bank representatives, insurance representatives and so on seeking details of bank accounts, thereby duping innocent people of the hard earned money,” the Additional General of Police (CID), Meghalaya BL Buam said.

Buam also advised the public not to provide internet banking password, ATM or phone PIN to anyone or answer unrecognized mails or calls inquiring for bank account details for any cause they mentioned.

“No bank or credit card firm personnel are authorized to ask a card holder for his card details,” the Additional General of Police (CID)said.

Buam also cautioned that while transacting on websites to avoid keystroke logging, use a virtual keyboard and while using an ATM in offline mode to cover the keypad with the hands.

The police department stated that in case of any cash fraudulent activity, general public are requested to approach the nearest Police Station/Police Beat House/Police Out Post or Cyber Assistance Cell (CAC), CID, Meghalaya, Shillong.

The public can also contact Cyber Assistance Cell at +91-364-2504001 which is a Telephone Helpline Number, +91-9402519391 (Mobile number) or Email at